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All Night!

 Lisa Gillis


A Shit Storm 

Six Silver Strings Series

E String Set

March 13, 2015 Release Date

He isn’t looking for love; he’s looking to get laid.

Tristan Loren is the first to admit he’s lived a privileged life. But this existence has come with strangers yelling for his attention and camera flashes in his face. Even when his father retires the rock star life and moves the family from L.A., their lives are rarely incognito.

     While his classmates have visions of college life in the fall following senior year, his fantasy is to be normal.
Whatever normalcy is, he is sure it’s not graduating with honors and his virginity.

     He knows he can have his pick of girls because he’s a rock god’s son, but on the flip-side, he feels being the offspring of Jack Storm of is to blame for the unopened condom in his billfold.

What if the babe in his backseat has aspirations of getting with the rock star’s son?

What if the rock star sex shit is not genetic and some chick perma-marks what a loser he is on the bathroom wall?

     The what if’s wreck his mind. 

     Chasing the vision of a woman and a world who don’t know him as Jack Junior takes him from the sunshiny suburbs of Dallas to the snowy streets of Detroit.









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